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  • Paige Owen

    Steak House Steaks ~ Barefoot Contessa Best steak recipe ever!!! I've added my own little flare to it and redubbed it "better than sex steak!" :)

  • Shannon DeNeve

    Steak House Steaks ~ Barefoot Contessa. There's simply no better way to sear a steak than with a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet! Yum's Up! to the Barefoot Contessa form Lodge Cast Iron!

  • Nanci MacLean

    Steakhouse Steaks from Barefoot Contessa. The best way to cook filet mignons.... our weekly treat at our house! DELICIOUS

  • Karen Rinehart

    Steak House Steaks from Ina Garten. Barefoot Contessa

  • Mandy Dummer

    Steakhouse Steaks, Barefoot Contessa. Mmm, going to have to get a cast iron skillet so I can try this!

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STEAKHOUSE MUSHROOMS Serving Size: 2 1 lb mushrooms, wiped clean and stems trimmed 2 tsp minced shallot (about half a shallot) 1 large (or 2 medium) clove garlic, minced 2 Tbs butter 2 Tbs flour 1 tsp fresh thyme 2 tsp worcestershire sauce ½ c dry sherry 1 ¼ c beef broth