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  • Emma White

    Yeah, it's so true I never walk around the house I only dance around the house💞👯

  • Sarah Likes Pie

    Thanks to Dance Quote

  • Gracie Johnson

    Irish Dance <3

  • Jasmine H

    Thanks To Dance! Dance classes for all ages and levels at Element Dance Studio in the Bedford, Hammonds Plains area in NS! For more info call us 902.706.0297 or visit our website !

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Your literally telling gravity to go fuck its self, so yeah I'd say its as magical as it gets

How many times have I heard this from all my dancing friends....

You know your a dancer when you know what these mean^^^^ lol

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain!!

So true....I can't get a pedicure, first...cuz it's so embarrassing to show them my feet (especially when someone is sitting next to me), and second cuz I need the skin on balls of my feet! They still don't understand me lol!

Hmm... then whey does it take my kid so long to get dressed for school. :)

haha... well not with a torn ACL at the moment, but soon, very soon...

hahahahha actually counted like this during my daughter's delivery and the doctors and nurses were laughing...they thought i was going to break out into a dance any second...♥

I got this as a card from an "Aunt" when I graduated high school, and I've never forgotten that.

Anniston does this and I get kneed all night long when we sleep next to each other LOL

Today in class my teacher told me to write down things I couldn't do, that wenren't obvious like, jump as high as the moon. I left it blank, because what I can't do today, if I try hard enough I may be able to do tomorrow. True story (: