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Zac Efron

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  • Carly Bass

    Zac Efron- The Lucky One. Oh, the things i would do to this man.

  • Elizabeth Knight

    Zac Efron - Man, Mr. High School Musical grew up..whew!

  • Courtney Bagnaschi

    heelloooo hot stuff

  • Megan Gaughan

    my dad said after mom and I were talking about the lucky one "you know he is a boy i would approve you dating I think he is great!" awesome dad glad you approve of a man I will never have

  • Nicole Gauthier

    I bet a lot of people who used to see Zac as a pretty boy are thinking otherwise now, say what you want, but he has grown up to be... wow!

  • Kathy Workman


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Zac... a juicy piece of man candy ^^ That comment :))

OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! The 25 Absolute Best Pictures Of Zac Efron On The Internet. I am speechless, go just look for yourself

And case in point why I love the movie "The Lucky One" they could of just made it him without his shirt on and I'd be fine :)

I thought he was hot before, but seeing him with a soccer ball just takes his hotness to a whole new level

Zac Efron. Never did I think we would turn out remotely manly. Yet here he is. Lookin like a straight stud.

Didn't except it to be Zac Efron. Looking at him a completely different way now. Hmph

such intense coloring .. almost to the point of looking like a painting. I'd like to try a shot like this for my brother's senior pics.

He seriously takes like the hottest pictures in the world...probably cause he's one of the hottest people in the world