homework folders

What a great take home folder! I love this!

Each student has a folder to turn in homework. At a glance you can see who has and has not turned in their work.

Take home folders for kindergarten (might work for pre-K)

Homework Black Book! This site also has great classroom ideas!

put duct tape one the spine of your file folder games then punch holes in them and keep them in a three ring binder...this is genius! great space saver idea!

Send home in homework folders.

folder labels

Organizing Weekly Lesson Materials better than folders?

Miss Kindergarten: Guest Blogger- Kinder Alphabet {Homework Folders}

for homework folder

guided reading folder

Super system to see who has turned in classwork. Students flip their clothespin to the smileyface side when they turn things in.

The second chant keeps us from going "apostrophe-crazy." Students can get confused and add apostrophes to plurals or other words that don't need them. I also made a helpful handout for their writing folders!

Kelly's KIndergarten Monthly Homework

Stop and Drop It, Morning Check IN Station (First Grade Class, but can be adapted to other grades according to need)

Weekly Nonsense word practice