root word memory card game- the first set of cards that you use at the beginning of the year has visual cues for the students to use in matching. Before students can turn over their second card they have to say "The match I'm looking for is _____."

Math fact cards for addition/subtraction and multiplication and division. Besides the ability for students to practice independently, the site also has games. In addition there is a template for a "case" for the cards. Going to print off a class set!

Root Word

FREE: five worksheets for prefixes, suffixes, and word roots

root word anchor chart

Paint Strips for Reading

This document is a one page word building activity. Identify a base word, root word, prefix, or suffix and put it in the center box, along with its...

Spelling roll a word! Great idea to modify for vocab activity, maybe even including this with partners/group

Here's a set of cards for playing a place value matching game.

Strategy poster set

Greek and Latin root word graphic organizer.

Free root word trivia game

Greek and Latin Root Word Wall Pieces and Word Cards

Beginning Sight Word Game

vocabulary word study. Looks great for 3 - 6th grade

I've been using these word wall cards for roots and affixes in my classroom for years. It started a few school years ago, when I made cards for roots that my students encountered in my literacy and drawing classes. Over the years, I've added cards for science, math, and social studies teachers, too. This summer I had a chance to add even more, reorganize and color code them. There are over 240 cards in the set, covering all the common Greek, Latin and Anglo-Saxon prefixes, roots, and suffixe...

$3.49 - 4 Kindergarten Word Card Games: "Don't Get Skunked!"

This is literally like having ten games in one pack. It has three sets of cards. Prefix cards, Suffix Cards, and Word Building Cards for Root Words... $

Flip TEN-Fun addition card game from Guided Math! Kids line up cards in four rows of five. Then, they flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10, they keep the cards and replace the cards with two more from the deck. The game ends when there are no more matches left. Great for the start of the year in ANY grade! Finding friendly numbers is a skill ALL kids need to practice!

Use these Prefix, Root word and Suffix cards in many ways. It contains thirty sets of Big Words which are really root words with their matching... $2.00 #teaching

Word Work Games