Condensed milk painting. It doesn't drip and is shiny when it dries.

might think this is fun

milk jug ball toss (would be fun with sponge balls filled with water)

faire sa peinture ! La base est toute simple, il vous suffit de mélanger : 2 cuillères à soupe de fécule de maïs (Maïzena) + 4 cuillères à soupe d’eau + des Colorants alimentaires

Mix half Elmers glue and half shaving cream - it dries puffy like this.

raised salt painting: create design with glue, cover glue with table salt. Touch watercolor brush on salt, without smearing and watch color be absorbed by salt. Let dry. This looks fantastic.

Painting with ice: This is so easy to do. And clean up is easy too if you put it in a pan. -

pipe cleaners and strainer lol

Oil Drip Pan from Walmart. As a giant magnet board ($12) playroom idea?

DIY Sponge Paint Brushes - great fun to make and paint with!

Doorway bean bag toss. This would teach good aim. [Could also be a great game for carnival.]

Make Natural Paintbrushes for Kids Art...I could also see using some natural elements for stamps - leaves, pine cones, branches, bark, etc

Fall crafts

Painting with marbles

milk art...

Edible finger paint! The only problem with this is that I think once my Little Miss got a taste, the painting would stop!!! :-)

This looks like fun

Plastic containers from milk jugs.

10 Simple Color Crafts- Rainbows, color mixing and more @Lori Wallace

Silky Soft Play Dough - This is a perfect activity to keep the kiddos busy this summer when they get bored. Only 2 ingredients! The kids can even help make it!

crayons on hot rocks