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Milky Way over Arizona Toadstools

Cave with Aurora Skylight

Auroras over Northern Canada

Iridescent Clouds over Thamserku Image Credit & Copyright: Oleg Bartunov

In Eugene, the honey moon was a faint, greyish smear behind a buncha clouds.

Ask yourself these questions about your strong female character.

Strawberry Moon.

This simple cartoon shows what victim-blaming really looks like - Blue Nation Review

If you want to understand gravity, you need to understand General Relativity – with no disrespect to Isaac Newton intended. To understand Relativity, we need to understand "spacetime" – which, as just like it sounds like, is just space and time smashed together.

Star Size Comparison HD AudioV2 "No, you are not the center of the universe."

Space in Images - 2013 - 04 - Herschel’s view of the Horsehead Nebula

Asperatus Clouds Over New Zealand Image Credit & Copyright: Witta Priester

Mercury Sunset

Well said — WomCam whiteboards hit Rad Cam in radical revolution | The Tab Oxford

Apollo 16 lunar rover "Grand Prix" in HD. We're whalers on the moon?

I accept this as my new writing hut.

Vancouver student’s photo of leg reflects how women are judged based on skirt length -

Storage Garden Shed "Wales" >> This is so cute! 3,000 usd via amazon >> Looks like a writing hut to me.

oh good lord...the gypsy daydream chicken coop. how freakin' cute is that?!? @Bill Cameron

Great view.

Tiny planet?

Bill McKibben of Hero.

How to Live with Introverts by *SVeidt on deviantART