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Bachelorette party game!!!! You can modify this is in so many different cool ways. The bride has to shoot the ball and what ever bra she hits she has to guess who's bra it is, if wrong she has to drink.

Bachelorette Party scavenger hunt @Rachel Mixson wasn't there something like this at your bachelorette? kinda sounds like fun!

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Cute bachelorette party game. Could even put this in the bulletins for you wedding to give guest something fun to do while waiting.

Bachelorette party games - this is a good idea. Ask questions about the future groom or bride or whatever... Write what they think the bride and groom would be doing then and what they should do instead (funny and upbeat, like you are probably getting cranky with each other right about now, but instead you should go on an adventure. And add a fun date idea.

This would be fun to play at my Dale Hollow girl bachlorette weekend, I imagine us all around the campfire peeing ourselves laughing over stupid stuff and drinking away...

Bachelorette party game - how well do you know the bride - might be kind of lame but I'll get to find out who my true friends are haha

Bachelorette Game Idea: Lingerie Shower Guessing Game The Gist: The bride, using her knowledge of each guest and their friendship, has to figure out who brought her the G-string thong. And she gets lots of sexy presents!