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Funny Text Messages From Parents.this would sooo be my mom lol

Besides the cussing.. SWEETEST THING EVERRRR!! Boys this is what we call a gentleman

why cant i find a guy who will do this for me. even when im off my period and am just having a bad day Page 62 - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

 Oh my goodness! This is so inappropriate but I DIED laughing!!!

Take a break from autocorrects and check out the 10 most popular Parent Texts featured on Parents Shouldn’t Text in The site features all the funny, awkward, and clueless things that parents text their kids.

BEST. PRANK. EVER. Haaaahahahahaha.

My daughter did this to her sister, then they both pranked a friend, tag teamed for a whole day random cat facts.

Any Kid Would Be Lucky To Have These Text-Savvy Parents. They're Hilarious. - http://news-ninja.com/any-kid-would-be-lucky-to-have-these-text-savvy-parents-theyre-hilarious/

Daily Dose Of Funnies: Funny Dad Text: "It's 10 pm where are you".

This is hilarious! I give this mom a high five!

This cool mom… 29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

These are all so funny.  if-dogs-could-text-22

8 Hilarious Text Message Conversations with Dogs.This is one of my favorite humorous posts that Ive found on this site so far!

Autocorrects - Gramps ok to visit tonight?  Have some things to drop around to you and the girlssure thing.  You gonna bang Gran?  Would like to, but she shut up shop years agoOMG I meant bring.  BRING Granfigured that.  I was having a joke Greg don't give yourself a heart attack.  And Gran is coming if she can stop laughing by thenkill me now.  I don't ever what to look at you or Gran again.

but still I find it funny!ove many things about Gramps can text, Gramps made a pretty amazing joke, and Gran found it hysterical as well. I love these grandparents.

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29 Funny Text Messages from Mom and Dad

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