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Batman artwork by Matteo Scalera and Christian Sabarre (2012)

Batman knew what it was like to trip balls

EXCLUSIVE! Release For The Poster Posse’s Tribute To The 75th Anniversary Of Batman & It Doesn’t Disappoint!

Poison poison by *trungles on deviantART

Love is a loosing game. One I wish I never played, oh what a mess we made. And now the final frame, Love is a Loosing Game.

Poison Ivy by ~agathexu on deviantART

[Image: A full color illustration of DC comics character Poison Ivy in a full body shot. She standing and wearing a green outfit that appears to made of an intricate pattern of leaves and vines.] Gotham City Sirens: Poison Ivy by ace-ix

Bats & His Rogues - Florey