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    Charts and math station task cards to help students connect measurement vocabulary to units, tools, and types of measure. $

    Angles Activity, Angles Lesson, Angles Project...lots of great ideas that are well illustrated!

    3rd Grade Science - Growing Gummy Bear. Could coincide this lesson with Math unit on Measurement.


    Three-part math lesson for perimeter and area

    no matter what you need to practice, a make-your-own math game is the ticket to FUN practice!

    very cool folding activity for geometry...students must use perpendicular lines, linear pairs, vertical angles and triangle sum theorem to justify the measure of every angle.

    Unit Circle Kit - I love the unit circle - it's SO useful!

    This is a great discovery lesson for using the the sum of the interior angles of a triangle to figure out and apply the concept of the sum of the interior angles of other polygons. It is aligned with CCSS.5.G.B.4.

    Name Geometry

    Math Taboo to practice vocabulary - example for middle school, but .doc template provided to create your own - FREE!

    area and perimeter lesson with Cheez-Its

    groundhog day - shadow attached with brad

    Middle School Math Rules!: Two Foldables-Ratio, Rate, and Proportion and Measures of Central Tendency

    Live. Love. Math.: My Classroom 2012-2013


    If you teach middle or high school math - I highly recommend spending a chunk of time looking through the lessons. They are amazing! All lessons use common core standards with real world problems. Great many movies can you see in one day, justify answer with viable argument.

    Area math game: Roll the dice and draw the area array on your own grid - first to fill it wins. Or 2 players choose a different coloured pen each, use one grid and the player who cannot complete the last array is the loser. Like it!

    I did very little talking, but there was lots of learning! After 2 consecutive snow days, we are back in action! I introduced the lesson briefly and had students work in pairs to complete the cards...