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Grow your own lemongrass...great in Asian recipes and is one of the top 5 plants (from another link) that mosquitoes do not like. 3 more are marigolds, rosemary, catnip. Hmm, that last one escapes me!

how to grow lemongrass spice in a glass jar with water. 1st I didn't know people cooked with Lemongrass and then 2nd I've been looking all over for one of these damn plants or seeds for them ANYTHING and apparently I was just looking in the wrong spot?!!?!!???!!! Grrr. Oh well on to the asian grocer!!!

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This recipe looks delicious. I love aubegine and curry. So I'm really excited to try this one! www.greenkitchens...

9 Thai Cooking Tricks You Should Be Using. Going to make the lemongrass ginger mojito from this one day too!

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