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    Baby sloth! Baby sloth yawning... can I hug it? Please? I'll give it back, I promise.

    Baby sloths - i could do without the y u no guy but they're still too adorable to pass up.

    The three-toed sloths are tree-living mammals from South and Central America. They are the only members of the genus Bradypus and the family Bradypodidae. There are four living species of three-toed sloths

    I hear you, Baby sloth, I'm tired, too...

    On my bucket list - sloth hug! The aquarium in Dallas has a sloth that they take out to meet-and-greet with the visitors. The other option is to go to Costa Rica to one of the sloth sanctuaries!

    Sloth--I don't where this photo was taken but I've seen them in Panama and it's smiling so I'm adding it.

    baby sloth HUGGING A GIRAFFE! I want one!

    i need a sloth so badly, probably one of my favorite animals. there's a story behind this.

    magicalnaturetour: Estos adorables fotos de captura perezosos jugar y relajarse en un santuario dedicado en Costa Rica huérfano. Las criaturas lindas fueron fotografiados en Aviarios del Caribe, por Josh Norem / Especial NewsJosh viajó al santuario como voluntario y ayudó a cuidar a los bebés, darles de comer dos veces al día y enseñarles a centro climb.The, fundado por Judy y Luis Arroyo , ha estado funcionando desde 1997 y más de 500 osos perezosos han sido atendidos allí.