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Love is....that's they way a grandma should be able to be with her grandson,not have them given away to people who are bullies,and selfish,and mentally ,not all there,won't let us see them.

I saw this and got real excited about showing it to you, and then felt all confused for a second when I saw I was mentioned in it. Love! DanielleTL

My granddaughter also has a bib that says "Grandma Says I Can" and jammies that say "My Grandma Is Friends With Santa Claus". Yup.

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fits perfect cuz we always say this to each other :) Maybe have a pic of us beside it in a frame, or above the bed.

I am ready for a grand-daughter, now! Then the rest grandsons! I want all grandsons, but one grand-daughter from each of my daughters, so I'll have three little princesses and 18 princes. Seventeen more to go!

Wooden Grandparents Sign by TheRentHouse on Etsy I miss having grandparents around. This is just too adorable though.

Every moment is priceless with my grandkids...I love ALL of them.

I want to dance at my grandchildren's weddings.

grandchildren,granddaughters,grandsons, grandma quotes

grandparents, Grammy,grandchildren,granddaughters,grandsons, grandma quotes.