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yes, they'll be killed off for sure lol.i love you but damn you joss *shakes fist in the air*

Joss Whedon is too Joss Whedon for most of us :)

only just discovered Joss Whedon has directed the Avengers. already bought tickets - hopefully I won't be disappointed!

JAYNE!!!!  I don't think any of them will ever let go, and neither will the browncoats!

Nathan and Adam win Halloween.

"Nathan Fillion: Me: Adam! I love your Halloween costume! Adam baldwin: It's Halloween?" It's a Jayne selfie.

Firefly and Dollhouse <3 I had to repin this even although I am sick to death of anti Fox pins (yep we know they're arseholes, it was 10 years ago, we don't need reminding every 5 seconds) but this one brings to mind (of course) one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies so -- Pretty Woman Whedon is here !!! ha

Firefly and Dollhouse were examples of Whedon being ahead of his audience. // I adore Firefly and really liked Dollhouse. Great thing about Firefly is that it realized it's potential about five minutes into the pilot.

Must have this.

Must have this.