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    • Jayme Kem

      Failing vs failure. Not the same thing. My husband is living proof.

    • Random Dragons & Butterflies

      Because it is in failure that we stumble upon something that would lead us to the road that we should be taking. I mean, if we stop once we fail then it's over before we even begun. We have epic fails but despite that, as long as we're alive, we can do something to twist fate somehow. Failure is good in a way, you know. It humbles the prideful, it strengthens the weak and it teaches us important life lessons with the scars it leaves . *just some thoughts hihi*

    • Susan Garstin

      Inspirational quotes to motivate and share Failing is not always failure, Especially when you learn from your failings, mistakes, or losses. You can learn even more things after failure, then before the failure or loss especially if you were always winning. Failure makes you stronger, more resililant, in life and you learn what matters and it clears the path to win again.

    • Cecily Gomez

      "Failing is not always failure." #Quotes

    • Kate Barron

      Failing is not always failure - truth!

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