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  • Shelly Garner

    This makes me laugh every time! I like junk food (and ice cream)... true story.

  • Nicole Ooi :)

    Do you want Hip bones or pizza..a gap between your thighs or cake..collarbones or sweats..a flat stomach or soda? Story of my life, I'm the girl on the bottom haha. I just want it all!! i love junk food :p

  • Liz M.Karian

    All that is way more worth it tp me than junkfood haha

  • Karen Dahlia

    In this pin, it shows a series of pictures put into two sections. One section has four pictures of hip bones, thighs, collar bones, and a flat stomach all coming from pictures of people who are skinny and teen idols. In those pictures they say, "Do you want hip bones or pizza?... a thigh gap or cake?... collar bones or sweets?... a flat stomach or soda?" In the second section of the pin it shows a sense of irony where a girl obviously is showing that she does not care for what society thinks is "beautiful" and eats whatever wants. I chose this pin because it shows how this girl doesn't care about what people think and she just eats whatever she wants in contrary to what society tells her to do. This pin relates to me because I have that desire to be "pretty/beautiful" in the way society portrays it, but then I break down and shove some chicken down my throat.

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Reread this but say "three hours later" in that voice from spongebob's tv show hahahaha so funny :)

This is my life! Beckett can't even wait for easy mac to cook 3 mins in the microwave. Seriously, tears every time!

Seriously I think I wake up at like 2:00am every morning and it takes me forever to go back to sleep

Productive day? Almost everyday...haha..

I hit a brick wall in the day time, but when I nap, this is the conversation for the first hour.....sigh....

Yea I think I should be skinny after eating healthy for one day