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Poops out at parties! #dogs #pets #LabradorRetrievers

Not a first "pin" for this pic ~ but I do love it!! Not only do our Bully's love "our beds" ~ they love to cuddle with each other as well.

Two of my favorite things: the ocean and a hammock. Give me a good book and a margarita and it would be perfection. :)

my bed, i love my bed - its so freakin' comfy. I think my school bed is almost better than my one at home. Wouldn't mind having this bed in the future

I don't know about this fancy, but I would love to have a bed out somewhere in the woods...but then the way it is now one would have to hire guards if you actually thought of spending the night in it...

This little puppy stayed home: | 20 Puppies Cuddling With Their Stuffed Animals During Nap Time

how dreamy are these curtains closing off the bed? heavenly.