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Wow-Leave this sign alone

Pleas do not...

Please Be Safe. We wouldn't want the animals to eat you.

lol - ill move this to shits and giggles but i wanted to make sure u saw this!!! u need to hang this on ur front door!!!


funny signs

This makes me laugh.... so true.

Road Signs

Dog and Cat

HP <3

Sign graffiti- That is just awesome.

Laughing so hard, no noise coming out, so you st there clapping like a retarded seal..... you know we all have done that!

Hilarious......Tube rentals-watch this... Funny sign!

Funny thing about motivational triteness. Sometimes it backfires!

Best. Sign. Ever.

Via Oklahoma. | Funny Signs. I could use this on my road sometimes!

Okay. Huh. Now I get the nude sunbathing part. However I'm a bit fuzzy as to how and more importantly why waffles entered into the mix...

almost died laughing!!

Ha ha! What time is too early?