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Probably choked on Twilight. <---Repinning for this comment

The most confusing part of this picture-- how did this kid put on those pants (?) without arms??

Soon...very soon... This made me laugh a lot harder than it should have

Beautiful. This, dear legs, is why we stretch: so our attitude can stop being so wimpy and start looking more like this.

urban dance… musadoverao: parallel bodies shoot with Abi & Claire MDV

Dance... Dance is my life. It's how I describe how I'm feeling when words dont seem like enough. It's a constant in my life when things get tricky. It's something that keeps me focused and working hard. It's my passion. ITS MY LOVE

What a lovely photo. The way it's framed and everything makes her look like she's really tiny to me. Like, four inches tiny. I want a tiny bellydancer!