There is just a right way and a wrong way to do certain things. I bet people who eat them this way also put the toilet paper on the holder going under instead of over like it's supposed to be too.

God broke the Mold when he made Me., Go To to get more Gossip News!

this is me at the grocery store


So true!


How to stop companies from sending you junk mail...forever. Bf and I need this for all the credit card applications we get a week!

omg, hahahaa. I may have snorted in my maniacal laughter. this is sooo funny

Ha! Totally skipped it!

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Most frustrating things ahaha

two poeple definitely could have fit on that piece of wood.

Haha I sooo do this!!

it happens haha

Truth!!!! Always want to hold a baby animal, but scared to hold a baby human and have them cry. Getting over it.

Wait for it....wait for'll get it:)

Awkward. Love her.