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Blonde Joke! wow this is funny! this is totally me at heart according to hubby lol

Omg this is becoming a new blonde joke not saying blondes are stupid AT ALL I just think the jokes are funny

This Man Acted Out Situations As A Dog vs. As A Cat and He Couldn't Possibly Be More Accurate! #LOL

Now That's Thinking On Your Feet

Ooooooh!> Can we Oncers just take a moment to appreciate Killipan Jones?

As soon as you happen to be finished looking at this, try exploring a necessary topic everyone needs to be asking our-self. whydoiexistblog.w... #Funny #Comedy

Legally Blonde!! Favorite movie!!

Ok I feel dumb.... I know it is the molecular formula for sugar, but sugar, sugar, sugar - how is that funny? I'm naturally blonde, but???

This couldn't be more true!! Lol And Florida. That is PERFECT!! Haha