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  • Virginia Macdonald

    Chateau de la Rochefoucauld Stairway, a Renaissance reference designed by Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Nancy Dadami

    Chateau de la Rochefoucauld Stairway Amazing....see how the steps are smaller on one side...concentration a must when using spiral stairs

  • Jennifer Bryson

    Leonardo's staircase - Chateau de larochefoucauld

  • Gregg Denesik

    Chateau de la Rochefoucauld Stairway / Photo by Chris #interior design and decoration #interior house design|

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Chateau de la Rochefoucauld Stairway / Photo by Chris Tarling.

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Galeries Vivienne in Paris, France - if these walls were lined with bookshelves and books, I'd be having that Belle in the Beasts castle moment all the time! :-)

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gothic staircase. Clearly there are some things out there that should be rescued and preserved.

Palace at Versailles staircase ... exquisitely beautiful. (I vaguely remember almost falling down these stairs. Terrible time to catch the flu. :/ )

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Chateau de la Rochefoucauld - The main staircase in Chateau Rochefoucauld, in Central France, which stands on a hill overlooking the town of the same name. The chateau still belongs to the Rochefoucauld family

"Whether you are heading up or down in life depends on how you look at the steps in this image." – Dan H. Chateau de la Source, Luxembourg