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Diwali rangoli designs with colored salt

Create Rangoli using coloured salt, glue and paper plates. With instructions on how to colour the salt! And a link to Lakshmi Mantras to listen to while working... From Cathy James

Pre-K Pagesfrom Pre-K Pages

Safety Dice

Keep your dice from flying all over the room! amazing!

A fun way to practice sight words...write them on the white board, call out a sight word and erase them! You can also do it with math facts!

Fine motor and maths activity. Children have to do the sum, or, for younger children, count the dots, and then match the key up to the correct padlock to open it. This activity not only improves their maths, but also strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers, which is important for improving writing skills.

Color recognition, learning patterns, and making letters with unifix cubes. Pre-K literacy or math center activity

1st Day of School Morning Actvity: Students create something with playdoh and then draw a picture of what they have created and write about it. Perfect activity as the teacher takes care of busy first morning details!

The Autism Helperfrom The Autism Helper

Healthy Eating School Theme

Eat This! Not That! Bulletin Board Collage

The Wonder Yearsfrom The Wonder Years

Math Manipulatives, Links, and Printables

Number sense center

One of the math tubs that helps our first graders with number concepts is called Number Bracelets.  Our amazing parent volunteers made these cheap and cute number bracelets for each teacher grades K-2.  We received number bracelets for the numbers 1-10.  The idea is to focus on one number and in your small group give everyone a number bracelet for that targeted number. (so you make 4-6 identical bracelets for each number 1-10)  The students can manipulate the beads on the bracelet to see the…

Just trace and cut from magazines, create your own mural. I love all the colors. No link for this but I love anything with kids hands.

What is Big IQ Kids? Big IQ Kids is an online K-8 program that covers spelling, vocabulary, math and U.S. Geography. They even have a SAT vocabulary test prep section and ebooks made by kids for kids! This program can be incorporated in the classroom, homeschooling environment and used for after school reinforcement. Teachers can also set up their classroom for FREE!

Tile Counting: Place the appropriate number of tiles in each row. (counting, number recognition, patterning, sorting)