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  • Pamela Jenkins

    I remember watching American Bandstand with Dick Clark when I was in middle school and wishing I was old enough to be on it.


    Dick Clark American Bandstand - I watched this every Saturday morning

  • J BP

    Dick Clark, American Bandstand (1956-1989). Pictured: Dick Clark at his DJ post in the 1950s. "I don't make culture," he reportedly said at one point, "I sell it.". The show was in black and white until 1967!

  • Emil Devantie Brockdorff

    Trip down memory Lane #RememberThis

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Dick Clark, American Bandstand Dance Show

Dick Clark. ("American Bandstand," c. 1956-63. Enjoy hostin' that big hop in the sky, my man.)

Used to love watching American Bandstand in the old days! Dick Clark died today. 4-18-12. :-(

Dick Clark American Bandstand Secret Diary

Arlene trying to show Dick Clark how to stroll on American Bandstand ~