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  • Bee

    Seven of the Darn Cutest Baby Animal Baby Hedgehog : TreeHugger

  • Ellen McLean

    Have a pet hedgehog.

  • Cindi Giaquinto

    Cute Baby Porcupine | Cute picture of the day: Baby hedgehog! It’s so small that it fits ...

  • Patti Jones

    Seven of the Darn Cutest Baby Animal Photos on the Web : TreeHugger

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An abandoned baby hedgehog - or hoglet - sleeps at the Folly Wildlife Rescue near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Still blind and deaf, four-day-old triplets would have stood no chance in the wet and wild weather. This sodden summer could spell doom for the humble hedgehog as their numbers have already drastically fallen. The wet summer spells disaster for their underground burrows.

why are baby animals so cute? (Someone told me it was due to the "nose to forehead ratio." The shorter the distance, the more appealing.....

Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs: If I ever get a chicken coop I want to hang this in it. Okay Justyna Socha Socha T. and Katherine Adams Adams McDiarmid and Morag Lloyds Lloyds Fraser-Stewart this is for you! LOL

Simply adorable! Imagine having a tiny hedgehog for a pet???? I would love one (they are so cute!!!) but my Rosie might mistake little hedgehog for a toy.

Baby Animals And Their Mothers | ... love present between baby animals and their mothers have a look

Teeny turtle is so cute! Why are tiny things so cute?!