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  • Colleen Fulkerson

    ▶ Gov't Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy - Robert Connors - Published on Sep 16, 2013 - It is urgent that all American citizens view this video. Please spread with haste as I do not know how long this video or channel will be active. God Bless America. - **If what Robert says is True.. He's going to Release Taped Wire Taps to Media if Govt. doesn't respond by Sept. 23. He's included an audio of Michael Jackson's call to him for help. I personally feel 'This is Not a Hoax'.

  • Brandon Johnson

    Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy

  • Caitlin Wolf

    youtube com ▶ DOD Whistleblower Exposes MK Ultra Hip Hop Conspiracy Yo...

  • Aleah Ramey

    WOW! MUST SEE! Michael Jackson's Last Phone Call & Hip Hop Conspiracy Re...

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Hastings sent out an email to friends and colleagues 15 hours before his car crash stating he was “onto a big story” and needed “to go off the rada[r] for a bit.” According to colleagues, Hastings was “incredibly tense and very worried, and was concerned that the government was looking in on his material,” and also a “nervous wreck” in response to the surveillance of journalists revealed by the AP phone tapping scandal and the NSA PRISM scandal. CELL PHONE TOWERS ARE WEAPONS OF WAR; - "Kathy, Carol, Cindy and Marlene? Trolls... E.T. says: (You people in the alternative world will say, do, make up, lie, cheat and steal to get what you want... If you are so sick, as you said in your truck... Why are you up all night long sitting at your computer? lmao... WATCH OUT EARTHLINGS! SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2013 IS COMING... HER BIG DONATIONS DAY IS COMING... They REALLY rake it in then lmao)"

TOP PICK! - RT - The Next Public Causality Catastrophe Jan 11, 2014 ▶ 'Unequivocal' cell phones cause cancer - DNA damage, 3X lower sperm counts, 290% more brain tumors, autism, ADHD/ADD, and birth defects; brain tumors have trumped childhood leukemia and have become the #1 disease killer of children; leaked industry memo admits 'wargaming' the science. Microwave radiation is emitted by all wireless technologies: cell phones/towers, WiFi, smart meters, even cordless phones and baby monitors.

The Truthseeker: 'Casualty catastrophe' - Cell phones & child brains - You MUSTwatch this, especially if you have children!

Project MKUltra Exposed by DoD Whistleblower

There Is A War Going On For Your Mind: The Science and Logic Behind MK-Ultra

When your government has all the guns | Anonymous ART of Revolution U.S. Government Shutdown of all Politician and Banker Pay - "Christopher Greene? Greedy Scumbag... E.T. says: (Let's tell it like it is... If the government finally gets it's act together and all you earthlings are happy, and everybody is getting paid and you alternative world bums are finally put out to pasture... I think this world of earth will start to be a nice planet... But with you greedy alternative world people... That'll never happen lmao)"