we wouldn't have to leave notes of the fridge.....

Customized Handwritten This MAY CONTAIN WINE Coffee Mug with Handmade Design from Anchored By J

Living On Air: The Full Lowdown on Writing on Mugs with Sharpies! THANKS for clearing-up a lot of confusion about this!!!!--db

Chalkboard placemats!!!

Sharpie, bake 30 mins at 350- Dollar Tree mugs

"best friend coffee mugs" for long distance...

My friend Corinne made me some of these for christmas, and they are awesome!!! dip the bottle of wine glasses into chalkboard paint and later use them for labeling! Also, the chalk paint comes in sooo many colors!

DIY Mug Holder. Hum.. Matt and I need something like this, we love mugs but don't have enough cabinet space for them all!

Today Will Be Awesome Mug - Click & Blossom

Current Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks This Personalized Coffe Mug has the perfect amount of glitter on it, which makes it super fabulous!

DIY: chalkboard mug

sharpie. white mugs. bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Make these pads with rock and felt for hot items...

Make It: Chalkboard Paint

Cute! Would make a great gift!

DIY chalkboard paint in any color you want

DIY Chalkboard wine glasses

Chalkboard paint + glass jars


DIY Coffee Mugs = 4 dollar store mugs + sharpies + oven (350 for 30 mins) - which I did, And I made sure I used my sharpies, not the generic ones. I was able to wipe the sharpie images right off. So I call this a failure.