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A small world inside a bottle… This is so cool!!

BAM! The frog got us all on our misconstrued evolution ideas.

Making science cool and blowing minds since 1955…..... Someone, please first explain her question if THEIR is no God? Really THEIR? I guess her ignorance is not limited to science.

When it showed you how to retweet for justice. #emnpctnprclmtn | 17 Times Tumblr Explained A Thing Better Than School

Oh, Lord, that is so something my golden retriever would do. Lol!!!!

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hahaha..but, seriously. / I sure don't!!!

I laughed to hard....wayyy to hard. Erika Glover

I'm not hostile to all your beliefs. I'm just saying they don't matter. Although, truth be told ... I am hostile to many of your beliefs

Cool Facts from ‘Science World’ the more you know... Some of them are kind of gross but whatever

science inspires me on and off the mat (double bonus for the math here - our bodies are amazing) #InspireNau