Create a pebble mosaic >> How would it stay in place? So pretty though!

Not sure if this is art, craft, or gardening. Pebble mosaic "carpet" is beautiful. For this pebble-mosaic patio, the author modified a classic Persian carpet design to represent the creation of the universe.

het blijft inspireren .....

30 Cool Pebble Pathway Ideas to create a creative stone garden path. Well-laid pebble mosaics transforming a path into an eye-catching work of art.

25 Amazing DIY Ideas How to Upgrade your Garden this Year

25 Amazing DIY Ideas How to Upgrade your Garden this Year

I might have to make a table out of these stones! Easy Garden DIY Projects with Stones I love the pickup!

Lelijk hekwerk verfraaien tot kantwerk

This beautiful treatment makes me wish I had a wire fence. Yarnbombed Crochet Knit Yarn Fence (would be a nice way to tone down the industrial feel of a wire fence if you could find a more permanent material to copy the look) Garden DIY Idea

Garden gate made from an old headboard

For shade garden entrance on left side - Create an unusual gate from an antique wooden headboard.

Pathways Design Ideas for Home and Garden

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Eclectic Landscape/Yard with Glass panel door, Stone mosaic, DIY Mosaic Path Tutorial, exterior stone floors, River rock

Mosaic Stones- tutorials:

mosaic stones - something to make for the garden.I haven't actually tried this on rocks yet- but look at my other mosaic pin; I combined broken pottery and glass stones, along with old pieces of jewelry and coins. I would upload a pic if I knew how.

Photo: John Glover/Alamy | | from 8 Great Patterns for a Pebble Mosaic

8 Great Patterns for a Pebble Mosaic

cheery sun mosaic set close to an entryway is a great way to say "welcome to our guests!

A DIY Leaf Imprinted Garden Stepping Stones tutorial using leaves, a cardboard tube and some cement to make a imprinted stepping stone for your garden.

VERY PRETTY. I think this would be quirky as a wall decor item! DIY Leaf Garden Stone - what a fun weekend project! - That is if you have a leaf that big in your yard.

Pebble mosaic carpet//garden path

The first project was to build a pebble mosaic carpet. This elaborate design took a month to lay out and set. I first arranged the entire mosaic in a bed of sand on site and then disassembled it and (Diy Garden Paths)