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I like people who smile when it is raining.

I wish I could credit the artist who designed this. Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace back :(

"Still Time To Change The Road You're On." quote and map art via Etsy

This reminds me of when I used to be a reporter. I fell a little in love with almost everyone I interviewed. If you don't have some kind of connection, how can your writing have any oomph?

I wish people would stop believing that just because you share DNA with someone that you owe it to them to stay in their lives. Those people should put you ahead of themselves as you are doing for them them. If what motivates them is greed, power, money, or control, move on...........You deserve better!

I've never felt so special, so loved in my whole life!!! My love for you continues to blow me away!!! I don't know how I survived all these years without you in my life!!! I will love you like you've never been loved!!

I feel like in TOK, if you don't have imagination, you can't interpret your own knowledge or open your mind to new knowledge, imagination is essential in all walks of life and is what allows for new discoveries and wonderful, innovative ideas