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A selection of work by Stockholm-based artist and illustrator Laurie Rollitt.

Lose/Michael  DeForge, 2014 http://bu.univ-angers.fr/rechercher/description?notice=000601592

Lose/Michael DeForge, 2014 http://bu.univ-angers.fr/rechercher/description?notice=000601592

Folio illustration agency, London, UK | Owen Davey - Advertising ∙ Editorial ∙ Publishing ∙ Vector ∙ Character ∙ Mountains ∙ Trees ∙ Water - Illustrator

I created a bunch of new illustrations for Blake Magazine based around the issue with the theme of ‘Urban Pioneers’ and the way that artistic communities are revitalising urban areas

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Prints, Original Art, Zines and Comics from British Artist and Illustrator Edward Cheverton

Large p convenience 2

A Convenient Truth. Originally printed in Protein Journal Illustrations by Martina Paukova

Laurie Rollitt

Where the Wild Things Go. Originally published in issue of the Protein Journal. Illustrations by Laurie Rollitt.


Monfa has created some illustrations alternative housing and structures!

Building stories - Chris Ware -Griffioen Grafiek

Chris Ware’s new graphic novel, about the residents of a Chicago building, comes in a box containing a hard-bound volume or two, pamphlets and leaflets, a huge tabloid and more.




Originally printed in Protein Journal Illustrations by Martina Paukova

As a narrative artist, Chris Ware is interested in more than the appearances of people and places. His carefully rendered snapshots of roadside locales, is so real and so powerful, and so AMERICAN. So descriptive of America, that is. All of the work he does speaks to a very specific sense of observation, and it's all rendered in straight lines. Amazing.

The above image is from the Graphic novel "Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth" by Chris Ware. Ware is one of, if not the most, accomp.


Free style bmx by Chris Thornley, via Behance Illustration

아기용의 잡동사니 블로그 | Amy Bennett의 작품들

Amy Bennett의 작품들

The wonderful art and proces of Amy Bennett. She first crafts three-dimensional models -miniature or larger scale- from which she then executes detailed paintings.