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Friends Become Our Chosen Family - Print

"Friends Become Our Chosen Family" - This sentimental print would make a perfect gift for a best friend who is as close as family! ♥ Our fine art chalkboard prints will bring the rustic charm of a cha

Take life one step at a time, you will get over it no matter how hard it is in the beginning. Things fall apart so better things can fall into place.

Learned this the hard way, but it is so true. I love the friends I have today, they are so much more of a blessing in my life than they will ever know.

friendships are simply a state of trust and support between two people. If that trust is broken and the support is no longer in existence there will usually come a parting. There is a way of allowing that friendship to move into the past without holding hate or hurt against that person. Firstly, you must realise that some friendships fade with time.