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Sleep in prison (Latvia) - Get the full inmate experience and get punished as a guest in this Karosta prison hotel. Death-row inmates tried to escape from this prison in WWII - will you too? More unique travel inspiration in Europe can be found on a map on !

Soviet Prison of Patarei (Estonia) - This unique 19th century sea-fortress had a variety of functions over the years. Originally it was used as army barracks but from 1920 onwards it housed hundreds of dangerous criminals. It is now open for visiting. - Want to discover more hidden gems in Europe? All of them can be found on

Corvin castle (Romania) - Corvin Castle is one of the largest castles in Europe and is one of the seven wonders of Romania. Constructed in 1446, it has a well of 30 metres deep. Legend says that this was dug by Turkish prisoners who were promised freedom if they reached the water. Their captors never kept their promise. - Want to discover more hidden gems in Europe? All of them can be found on

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Hurricane Matthew: Haiti dead reach 800 as south awaits aid

Prison Map is not a map -- it's a snapshot of the earth's surface, taken at various points throughout the United States. It was made by Josh Begley, a

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World

Here Are The States That Lock Up The Most Kids In Adult Prison [MAP] - Business insider WWW.BUSINESSINSIDER.IN Human Rights Watch has issued a disturbing new report on America's exploding prison population, which reveals many states routinely lock up minors in grown-up