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  • periwinklebunny

    Hypnotized Bunnies. Once, back when my rabbit Daisy was still alive, my husband comes rushing into the room. He'd seen a thing on TV about hypnotizing bunnies. He insisted that we try it right then. And so we did. And it works! Basically, you flip them over and pet their noses from the top of their head to the end, and they go into a trance. You can use the time to trim their nails or whatever, or just pet them.

  • Tyra Sharpe

    funny animal pictures with jokes |, funny jokes, funny quotes, funny animals, funny pictures

  • Chris Mingear

    the Easter bunnies must be resting up ...

  • Minnie The Westie

    sleeping baby bunnies

  • Lo Martin

    baby bunny nap time!

  • AŁẠ₦Ạ Ҥł₦$Ø₦

    Funny Bunnies on Funny Animals | Funny Animalz

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