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Spirale Magazine_Swiss Design_Spirale was published from Bern 9 numbers between 1953 and 1964. It was an artists’ magazine and secondly it was about art. It was about art that took account of the facts of the modern world, especially mechanical reproducibility. Swiss konkrete Kunst was becoming a foremost trending and style in the U.S.

Irreguläre Tage . “Irreguläre Tage” (Irregular Days) is a book project by the photographer and writer Michael Schade — a student of Arno Fischer and Astrid Klein — which almost saw completion back in 2001. Conceived as a text and image book, it is an autobiographical record of the GDR in its final stages and the first years after the reunification. The book takes the subjective view of a young man growing up maladjusted in the GDR, constantly at odds with social norms. | Eugenio Carmi Illustration | Cover of a booklet for a tube-making company. From Graphis Annual 66/67.

El Lissitzky Cartaz do construtivismo, podemos observar o uso de fotografia com as cores construtivistas e a predominancia da geometria