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Truth... what I thought a year ago mattered, isn't anywhere close to what matters now, same for ten years ago, or even a month ago--- constantly growing and realizing what is most valuable & precious.

What a load of doo-doo. Friendships in all its forms are meaningful, if they are, at all, categorized as "friendships". What is wrong with spontaneous socializing and engaging in frivolous discussions? So dumb that I had to remark on it.

“The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.” (Andrew Carnegie) #quotes

From "My Attitude-My Life-My Rules" on Face Book....Good words to live by...

So true!! Live life quotes: Work for a Cause, NOT for Applause, -Live Life to Express, NOT to Impress, -Don't strive to make your Presence Noticed, Just make your Absence felt.



The Holstee Manifesto: pretty cool idea. So glad I've already found the love of my life. check that off the list! :D

I choose... to live by choice, not by change. To be motivated, not manipulated. To be useful, not used. To make changes, not excuses. To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the random opinion of others.

Exactly!!! Take a chance, chase a dream cause ur not guaranteed tomorrow! Get out there and live life with no regrets!

character building. So true some people pretend when around others BOY!!! when there so call friends backs are turned watch out what these people do I guess some people are just to blind and stupid to see the truth so you deserve what comes your way.

Character is how you treat... This is so true, some people only treat others good if they think they can benefit from them in some way, and treat others like crap.<<Well said