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Silkie chickens are supposed to be great for first time backyard homesteaders. They are docile, not as noisy as regular chickens are good egg producers.

Looks like a patchwork quilt! What a gorgeous bird..llll

I need some of these fluffy chickens, then I can have one of those cute chicken coops I pinned!!! :)


Silkie Chicken by mypetchicken: Loved not only for their appearance but for their docility and friendliness!

Anyone venture to guess why I might be drawn to these crazy looking chickens? The 1980's come to mind...

Polish frizzle bantam ... Love this one! One of the more unusual looking chickens you may run across is the Frizzle. Frizzled chickens are not so much a breed, as a type of bird. Any breed of chicken can be bred to be frizzled, but the most commonly seen Frizzles are based on Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, Japanese, and Polish chickens. Can we talk about having an exotic chicken coop, please?

this is a Silkie- a type of chicken. Apparently they make good pets! Great!

Natures Doorways - animals-animals-animals: Silkie Chicken...

Chicken Pics: Photos of Popular Chicken Breeds (and all things Chicken!): Silkie Chickens / Silkies / White, Blue, Gray, Buff, Black, Red

colorful rooster... chickens can be beautiful as well as entertaining... no wonder we name them.