Birds perch on a branch during a spring snowstorm in Pembroke, N., Monday, April (AP Photo/David Duprey (WOW how doesn't that branch break?

What a beautiful bird. Wow.

Mountain bluebird, Colorado blue jays bout killed all of them

a White Faced Ibis…                                                       …

Its breeding range extends from the western United States south through Mexico, as well as from southeastern Brazil and southeastern Bolivia south to central Argentina, and along the coast of central Chile.

"Two little chicks are we ~ and we're born, totally free..."

Baby birds in spring time.

What in the, where in the world is this beautiful Pink Bird? Gorge with the cold, snowy backdrop. Wow.

What an unique moment! Little pink angel bird.

Beautiful brown and turquoise little bird

Rollers are so pretty! Racket-tailed roller at the San Diego Zoo in California


Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Cute small birds on tree branch looking at pink flower.

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Takes Teamwork to Get the Baby Back in the Nest (I adore this photo!I have never see this but have always wondered how they can rescue their babies when they fall out of the nest!

Schlegel's Asity, Photo by Frederic Pelsy

The Schlegel's asity is a species of bird in the Philepittidae family. It is endemic to Madagascar. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.

.wow! After Turbo Charged Reading the code seems to come out of my head

A small landing space


Blue bird sitting on a sunflower. in honor of my beautiful daughter Amanda who loves sunflowers, and is more beautiful than a blue bird , even this one

little birds.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Bird nest and little birds. Mom and dad feeding baby birds.

Western Bluebird in California Lilac ~ by Bill Leaman

Western Bluebird in California Lilac, Bill Leaman Photo

Great White Egret    Please SHARE our Wild for Wildlife and Nature page.

Little Egret, taken at Pinglin, New Taipei City, TAIWAN - white egret babies!

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Azure-winged Magpie Cyanopica cyanus | by Fernando Sanchez de Castro on 500px

What amazing colours! Azure-winged Magpie (cyanopica cyanus) ~ by Fernando Sanchez de Castro