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just an ad i did that needs to be seen every once in a while.

neat ad I did.. cool campaign. i always liked it.

an ad i did. i like it. i like her. i like that guy who's quote i stole so i could look like a big shot.

Is It True That Nobody in the Ad Industry Hires Writers? | Beyond Madison Avenue hi it's almost time to teeny. teeny is an ad agency that is doing things a little bit different. We'll be teeny in just a tiny bit of time. Right now you can marvel at our contact page and even contact us if you want to know more. a giant announcement about teeny agency is coming soon.

EXPLAINED: Infographics, Memes, Native Advertising, and Content Marketing

neat site we did. cool campaign. ain't up no more but i always liked it.

My little angel is in this commercial I found. He's the kid with the bear. It's his bear as he turned down the Stylist’s bear and went all DeNiro/Brando method on her. This was written by Moi and directed by the David Butler & edited by Mr. Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy Sean Murphy. Clean Cuts & the lovely Wall Matthews & lovely Jack Heryman imagined the music. This commercial was part of a rebranding effort I wrote and creative "directorized” for HIP. Anyway, my little angel was in it…