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I wish...

Free and Funny Graduation Ecard: It's pretty satisfying when the stupid bitches from highschool turn out to be crazy cat ladies.

Happens too often!

I seriously overthink-everything. Did i smile just right? Yup-over thinking it



"I love Pinterest. It's electronic hoarding without the clutter." -Me. | Somewhat Topical Ecard |

Virtual crafting, cooking, sewing, decorating, and smart-ass commenting (notice I didn't include exercising.I don't even exercise virtually)

Yeah that happens to me lol

People maybe think it's ridiculous that I wear makeup almost every day. And so I always wear makeup.

So anti-social it's scary.

Groupthink News, Video and Gossip

'My first instinct when I see an animal is to say 'hello'. My first instinct when I see a person is to avoid eye contact and hope it goes away. That's because animals are better than people sometimes.

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My bathing suit told me to go to the gym, but my sweat pants were like "nah girl, you're good". My bathing suit is going to beat the crap out of my sweat pants.

So true :)

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I always want only two things: lose weight and eat.

Photo: yeah, I know how to get to the interstate ;)  So from "Home", there should be an option....Go To Interstate - ha!

Photo: yeah, I know how to get to the interstate ;Go To Interstate - ha!