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    Here's a hippo with a hippo-shaped wart on its nose. Very cool.

    A panda mom discovered that she was delighted with her baby. | The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

    Oh yeah, that's the spot right there!

    Baby hippo and mama. The hippopotamus' name literally means "river horse," even though they are more closely related to whales and dolphins than other animals. It can submerge for 5 minutes under water, and run on lands at speeds near 20 miles per hour. It holds the record for largest open gate mouth of any land animal, and is the second largest on land. It is responsible for many human deaths every year and is a highly aggressive and feared animal.

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    baby sloth hug.

    Diving kingfisher`

    Snow Squirrel....adorable!

    Swan underwater

    Hug a baby elephant today! (If possible)

    Chromodoris by Dermal Denticles Nudibranch

    So very helpful

    Elephants are said to be one of the most selfless animals. They seem to always go out of their way to help others. <--If that's true that's cute!

    hippo. #photography, #hippo

    Baby hippo


    Elephant Seal

    Love this.

    Happy Elephant

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