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Our God is An Awesome God! I have found THIS to be SO TRUE in my own LIFE. I have an intimate relationship with GOD that I had NEVER REALLY had even though GOD HAS BEEN VERY IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE - I HAD NO IDEA THAT I WAS MISSING SO MUCH & IT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. THANK YOU GOD!

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C.S. Lewis quote. "God doesn't want something from us. He simply wants us."


Do you know what really makes up a good man? Do you really know that his heart’s relationship with Jesus Christ is infinitely more valuable than what he has and the lifestyle he is pursuing?

So true.......this is hard for some to accept.....especially when they are the ones who are not present....or choose to blame others for their own failures.....



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A great marriage that will go the distance takes commitment and investment. "10 Relationship Killers Wise Couples Avoid"

A #Prayer for your #Relationships. Even the hard ones.

perfectly said

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Love it!!!!