Turn any chair into a baby seat! Hooks over the back & folds up around your baby's tummy.

I saw someone using one of these this weekend so I had to ask them where they got it.. Who would have thought-Wal-Mart.

Hugaboo plush baby support seat. This looks more baby-friendly than the plastic Bumbo seats....

DIY: Baby car seat blanket << this is genius!

DIY - Baby Seat

Diy seatbelt pillow

I NEED this! I can never see over the top of the infant car seat to push the cart and if you put the seat down inside, there's no room for groceries! Binxy Baby

For baby

Silicone Banana Toothbrush Baby Teether Bebes De Silicona Pinceis-in Toothbrushes http://bit.ly/1SAQIHF

Baby support arm pillow

Bathtub Divider. Saves so much water

Getting a baby to sleep through the night is a battle! How about let the baby cry it out? Read to know whether this CIO method is helpful or not to make your baby sleep.

Pacifier Thermometer! So clever!

How to make a no sew baby shopping cover

cute idea for baby room

Portable Fabric Highchairs for Baby Girls & Boys!

Turn your ultrasound into art work...such a cool idea!!


This picture could save your baby (or the baby of someone you love.) I am becoming one of those crazy car seat safety people

It folds up like a camping chair.