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Bedrich Grunzweig, Macy's Parade, 1964

"I swear, I be holdin' tharr booty for me matey." "These aren't the droids we're looking for."

*Note: Parents who fail to enjar infant (Please see previous Pin found below.) before the size limit expires may use the "Cone Modification Option." Though cumbersome at times, surely conspicuous, this method was developed to shape the child's still plastic skull into a cone-like shape-thus the name. The guiding principle being, expensive centers of higher learning tend to deny students with strangely shaped heads. So if the child must go to college at least it will be to one more affordable.

there is a part of me in my head that never stopped being a little child, since that's when everything changed. it makes every discovery new and beautiful but every loss so unbearably painful... some part of me is walking through the woods alone and will never find my way out

Unclench your fists, unlock your knees and also the door to your heart, take a deep breath, and begin to swim. Begin to let the waves do their work in you. --Shauna Niequist

"Forget the past, and remember that you have the strength to face the future, but never forget to enjoy the moment."

Horse hair belt-why would you need this? Looks like pubic hair gone terribly wrong!