Winner of shapeways Siri competition - AWESOME.

Get a bigger screen for your phone with this magnifying gadget concept.

Polchemy 3D Printed iPhone Case

Never crack your screen again. The Rhino Shield will make your phone "impact resistant".

These are amazing

ARKCANARY II :: Low-tech megaphone for iPhone ($10.00)

3d printed iPhone case


Clé USB keys


iPhone case...totally cool!

Innovation muuuy nice!

KEES – DESIGN YOUR OWN IPHONE CASE Kees is a company based in The Netherlands that uses 3D printing technology to create sturdy plastic cases for your iPhone

Things to say to Siri.

Barnacle by ilovehandles: Nifty little suction cup to stand your iPhone on your desk or to mount on your windshield or other slick surface. Available in a variety of colors. #iPhone_Stand #Barnacle #ilovehandles

the iPhone Desktop Handset

Gorgeous iPhone 5 concept looks insanely great

very cool