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since i can't wear a ring all the time want to get a tattoo on my wedding ring finger. this has been my favorite option, not the word, but the location. Todd's grandma gave me the $$ to do it a couple years ago to do this, but I keep getting pregnant! Soon though!

I would not get something cheesy like 'Love' tattooed on my wedding ring finger, BUT I think I'm going to get my son's name, Jones, tattooed there, as I was pregnant with him when I got married.

Faith Tattoo Designs For Men: The Faith Tattoo Designs And Meaning For Men On Hand ~ tattooeve.com Tattoo Design Inspiration

“Faith” on my wrist. Done by Corey Scoolidge (the amazingly talented artist who did my thigh pin up girl that won place in the NY Tattoo Contest) at

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42db20159b99e9eec4be032c032ff1a1.jpg 640×1,136 pixels

Dreamcatcher Temporary Tattoo

Deja Small Dreamcatcher Temporary Tattoo

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Our names tattooed like a wedding ring, but I'd do white ink and encircle the whole finger. Spouses name under the wedding ring so you can never really take the ring off.