Decorating with plates!

You can do more than eat with a dinner plate. You can use dinner plates as home decor. Hang decorative plates on your wall to help create a lovely home interior.


Delft Blue Plates Wallpaper - Love this, but I want a real collection of blue and white plates & dishes for our dining room!

LOVE this eclectic plate wall - this dining room is stunning!

Dining Room Update with a Pieced Cowhide Rug

Pie tins

More ideas for How To Upcycle Thrift Shop Finds Into Trendy Home Decor. I love the idea of using vintage pie tins as wall art.

Charlotte Minty Interior Design

Thinking of doing a plate wall. Vibrant colors contrast nicely against a plain wall to create a bold statement!

Borden aan de wand

I am a big fan of walls covered in art. I am not gonna lie about it - white walls with nothing on it reminds me of hospitals or even a psyche ward. Lately I've been charmed by plates on walls - I love it when someone makes a bundle of plates on…

The Relished Roost

Newport beach: a collection of blue and white plates. I have a huge collection of blue and white.

A very creative way to add interest to plates hanging on the wall.

A very creative way to add interest to plates hanging on the wall.

I kinda like this space.

one day john & i will have a room with floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves and art covering every inch of the walls