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Jude Tingley Giving it the Old College Try! One more last minute contest entry: "Piper and Dancers." This one is a pair of slate tiles, painted over in black acrylic, with images taken from "Quaint Cuts in the Chap Book Style" printed in greytone, hand-colored, re-worked to add a little bit more detail, and adhered to the slates.

Monica Baebler ST. LUKE 12”x 18” Black Silhouette Paper Tracing Paper background (painted with acrylics, Jacquard fabric paint) Image was enlarged, then traced onto back of black silhouette paper Used 3-4” scissor to cut out image by hand – this method is called, Scherenschnitte. image positioned over painted tracing paper.

Claire O'Connor I use Dover images on my pottery. Images are printed onto water slide ceramic decal paper on a laser printer that uses iron oxide as a by product of its printer ink. These decals are placed on ceramic objects and fired. They become a permanent part of the glaze. The images pictured were taken from a book (and CD) of Edward Muybridge's photos of Humans that I purchased from Dover.

Elaine Sheldrake Hello, this is my entry for the Competition, I am 57 years of age and love to design using Digital images, this is one of my favourites. The lady is from the CD-Rom and Book "120 Great Fashion Designs 1900-1950" I hope you like it.

Wings of Whimsyfrom Wings of Whimsy

DIY Old Book Crafts – No 4 – Accordion Organizer

Wings of Whimsy: DIY Book Crafts No 4 - Accordion Organizer

Merry Thaden I got this design from a Dover CD book, enlarged the design, printed it off onto clear contact paper, peeled off the backing and place them around my cut out and cleaned gourd. I just made narrow lines and put them on like stickers for the handle. I varnish it to keep them stuck on nicely and give it the shine.

This is awesome! Pop-up card by paperflicker on Flickr: "I made Robert Sabuda style Alice pop-up card. I used a coloring book of Dover (Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book: Picture by Sir Johon Tenniel) and ordinary cards were scanned and used."