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When you say "fist to five check" students rate their understanding by holding up the appropriate number of fingers. The goal is for everyone to be in the green. Great way for students to self-assess their understanding and help you to gauge student understanding.

How science can improve reading skills - good information for teachers and homeschoolers

From Tyler Cauvel: My solution to my students forgetting pencils/having to sharpen pencils. They already have class numbers and now they all have a pencil that must be left in my classroom at all times. If a pencil goes missing I know whose it is by the missing number and they will lose points off their grade. I call it "The Silencer." :)

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Use colour! It's proven to be a great tool in remembering important information.

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Link to the Google Draw graphic: Link to the PDF:  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Week one science plans. Great anchor chart ideas, group work, set up of notebooks, etc.

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